Cloud Platform for BIM projects of Transmission Lines Structures

What is the Engeviewer Platform?

It is a platform by Engetower for visualization of transmission lines structures virtual projects. It has tools for access and handling of objects’ information for manufacturing and assembly.

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If you are a structure manufacturer or a Transmission Line owner, check out what you are able to do with our tools

Virtual Project

From wherever you are, visualize your projects’ 3D Models with all needed information (for manufacturing and assembly) such as material, bars section, weight, holes and folds for plates, beams, bolts and special parts. 

You can also have offline models for Android or iOS devices.

Planning and Assembly

Find any beam or plate by its numbering through our platform and use the structure’s components to manipulate and study each constructive detail of the structure.

Group objects, measure distances, dynamically calculate weight and center of gravity of any set of selected objects for planning lifting and assembling operations.

Use these tools for team training and simulate site assembling and maintenance operations.

Virtual Assembly

Generate all compositions of the structure virtually. From the selection of which parts should be added to the model (bodies and legs on different heights) the complete model is generated and can be saved for later access and used for assembly and maintenance management.

Use our 3D Models version control tool to check the As Built project on its final version.

Generate documents automatically

Automatically generate bill of materials, CAM Files for CNC machines and 2D drawings of any set of pre-selected objects on demand for each specific project management need.

On each stage of the transmission line enterprise, generate specific drawings dynamically, choosing the view direction and which information should be added to the drawing (dimensions, section, labels etc)

Visualize these documents on the platform and have access to them whenever you need from other devices.

Communication Tools

Add markups and comments on the model for issue management and communication between teams. All information are stored in a centralized database for easy access of any cooperator.

3D Model and 2D Drawing integration

Visualize 2D drawings and the 3D model simultaneously, with dynamic linking between 2D and 3D representations of the same object. Search and find any part instantaneously.

Train assemblers with this powerful tool of structure project manipulation

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